Debugging Trick

Hey everyone. I want to give a debugging trick I figured out.

I am always a fan of knowing what is being sent from or to a variable. But how can you do that on one screen?

Answer is two steps.

First step is we always use a ‘do if’ where possible. These are very powerful and you can add multiple sequences if you click the little gear button. Here are some options.


When you use a do if, you can then trigger a label to show debug information if there is a failure.

Create a debug label, set the height and width as large as you can for your screen, Then notice in Design view you will have this switch.


Turn that to off.

You should also set the colour of the background and text to something very obvious.

Now in your other blocks, you can set a ‘Do If’ and the first call to action on whatever event it is, would be to make the label visible.

This is great because you can setup labels to capture stuff based on various event handlers and have those handles display what you need as needed. It is easy then to turn that off at a later time, while keeping all the debug logic.

Any thoughts on this?