[Solved] How to trace execution in Thunkable

In MIT inventor app I used the following block

and I inserted ShowAlert to tell me where I was in the execution process. This is same as putting printf() statements in C++. Could some kind soul show me how to do it Thunkbale. I experimented with Alerts but they do not work like ShowAlert, I want the error message flashing independent of the blocks on the Screen. Just as in MIT inventory app.

There’s no built-in debugging feature in Thunkable X.

You might try my method:

Cool thanks a lot. Very neat idea!! Will try it out. Thanks again for the prompt answer

Mine is a free version of Thunkable not Thunkable X.

Hence I dont have the option of “with:message” as a choice :frowning: for function creation. Is there a way out please?

You do.

Click the blue gear icon and drag a block that appears in the pop-up to add variables to a function.

Good luck

Thunkable X is the current version of Thunkable that everyone uses regardless of subscription.

Please watch the video in the link I posted. It will show you how to set up the blocks for debugging.

Sorry to bug you so much however much I Googled and played with Thunkable I could not get the “from” I have it all as “set”. What is the magic click? Mine looks like this:

and yours look like this:


The interface used to have blocks that said from label set Text but these have been replaced with set label's Text. Similarly, the from label get Text block has been replaced with label's Text.

Another way of saying that is that the second block in each screenshot is equivalent and the third block in each screenshot is equivalent.

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