Database Access Fundamentals

I have not been thunking for long (maybe a month or so) and I have built one app for a business that I own. I am looking to build some more sophisticated apps and can see that I will need database access to do so. While looking at the capabilities of Firebase & Airtable within Thunable X, I do not see the ability to do a query with a “where” clause (i.e. select * from users where user_type = ‘admin’). For example, I can see the need to populate a list viewer with only selected records from a table. In my current understanding, I don’t see a way to do this. I am probably missing something here. Can someone point me in the right direction to do something like this? I have read the documentation for both Airtable and Firebase and it’s not obvious to me how to do this.

If this is not a capability in Thunkable X, then do I need to build a web API to a database of my own or is there another solution?

Any help you can provide to this newbie would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

As far as I know receiving information like in a sql query is not possible. Please correct me if it works. As a workaround you could get all the information from your database and then you could search for a specific pattern with thunkable blocks. Hope this helps!