Data Viewer List On reload jump to position

Anyone know how to get the list view to jump to a position? On load or reload. Position in the list or a Y value.

Can you give some more details? Im a bit confused but would like to try and help if I can.

I’m using the list viewer to display game levels to play. As you play down the list i’d like to jump the user to the latest one.

So the user finishes a level and then you want them to automatically go to the next item on the list, correct? Just making sure im on the same page.

Yes, it’s a need as you scroll down to play more and each time the list reloads it starts from the top

You can see this issue in my app ‎Pet Rescue: Language Learning on the App Store

Do you want them to see the previous levels in that list when they scroll or can those levels be removed? If they can be removed, which would make it easier, you can just save the last level completed index number to the device and then have it automatically remove everything before it from the list. So if I completed level 10, items 1-10 would be removed and it would just show level 11-end. Is that what youre thinking?

Or are you using individual rows with separate buttons for each level?

Simply want the list view to scroll to a point in it.

I will see what I can do.