Data viewer and search bar

Hello all
i have a small problem here
i use the input text with when input is change do something
is that possible to add a block when the user will remove a laters from the text input the text input will not reed that as a change


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The changes event will run whether the user adds letters or remove (delete or backspace) letters.

It works for all kind of changes

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Yes I understand that but I want when users remove a laters from the text input
The text input will not read this a change

But when users add a laters the text input will red this as a change

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In this case, you need to create your own function. Thunkable does not support that.

And how to create my own function ?

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Just like the search bar was not available in Thunkable but because of the need people think of ways (workarounds) to get the job done.

You are asking the text_input changes event to trigger for letters added to the text but not for letters deleted.

A simple way is to test for this condition and only run the code when the condition is right for your specific needs.

Something like this