Data viewer advance binding is not working

Data viewer advance binding for height is not working. Any idea why?

You would need to bind a number, not a text string. The number 40 is different than the text string “40”.

I added a simple table;

height column is number. Do I need to do anything else?
Thanks a lot.

I just did a test with local DB values such as you have. I put 55 in one cell and 100 in another cell. I then did a test to see if 55 > 100. It returned TRUE. The reason for this test is that if these are “numbers” then 55 < 100 but if they are “text” then 55 > 100 because 100 comes first in an alphabetized list of the two values.

So I was able to confirm that local data source values are indeed text. That means you can’t bind it to a property that requires a number and have it work.


I added an airtable datasource with number column but still not working… Is there any way to make it work with any datasource?
Thanks a lot.

Any chance? I really appreciate for your suggestions…

You can add a feature request/bug report on GitHub.