Data cryptography

I am integrating with online payment in my application. I need to encrypt credit card data in HTML5 before sending the institution.
Is there an API or something related to cryptography here?

Hey @Cesar_Costa

HTML5 isn’t an encryption standard, it’s a language typically used for web pages. If you send data over HTTP (which is what I presume you mean?) then it will be send in plain text…which is not a good thing.

Are you trying to connect to an API via HTTP or are you trying to encrypt data with SHA-256 or something similar locally on your device?


I’m sorry, I meant HTTP anyway. I would like to know the ways I can encrypt the data before sending or making a request via API.

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I would like to know the exact same thing… anyone?

Can you outline the question again? What do you’d want to happen? HTTPS is considered fairly secure. What more do you need re: data transmission?

Thanks for you reply Jared… I did a little more deep research and found that https is secure even if the data is sent on url (query parameters).

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