Custom fonts in iOS

Hi would really improve the look of our apps if we could import custom fonts to use on labels and buttons.
Also the capability to take a screenshot and share this through social would be brilliant as it would allow sharing images made up of combinations of background image, images and labels.
The platform is brilliant though!!
Keep up the good work!


Are you talking about creating screenshots programmatically using blocks? Now you can take a snapshot of the development environment (Alt + Print Screen) and then crop it in a graphics editor or take a screenshot on the iPhone (Lock Screen + Home) and immediately send it.

For the exchange, you can use Media DB components.

Hi there. Sorry if it was unclear… I’m talking about a feature that allows the user to take a screenshot while using the app. Then share this on social platforms Sharing combination of whatever visual elements are on the screen at the time.

I do not know whether developers see this function as important. The same can be done with the hardware of the iPhone.