Creating jThunkable

I really love the building blocks design of Thunkable. From what I gather, one can only create apps that run on mobile devices. Has any thought been given to developing a Thunkable project that can generate the blocks into another language such as Java? That way, you could write Java apps that can run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

I currently use a product called B4J which is a free Java development IDE. The B stands for Basic which means you code in the basic language and then IDE turns your basic code into a Java jar file. I think it would be great if there was a jThunkble that would allow you to build your application as a GUI or console app using the Thunkable building blocks. Then compile those blocks into a Java jar file.

hey you cant do that with but you can build web apps for it


You might look at the thunkable web viewer and web api components. These components allow you to integrate hosted web services in your thunkable app. I have created several NodeJS REST APIs to take advantage of javascript, making Thunkable a “thin client” for my apps.


But you can only view it on your phone, correct? Because it’s still a mobile app. In other words, it’s not accessed via ?

Im rethinking my answer to your question. Are you thinking of something like Blockly?

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I thought he ment instead of building apps to mobile devices why not create a development platform to create apps for computers too and he recommended to do the same interface but compile the code into java.

I might be wrong but this is what I got from the post.