Creating a random NAMES picker!

I want to create an mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms, this is my first time in Thunkable platform.

My project is to create a mobile application, my requirements are :-

  • The app should have 3 data lists ( which contain some names )
  • When we click Generate button the label has to select & display 2 random names from each data lists.

can anyone please guide me.

You just wrote what you need . Try some blocks and if you need help post your test blocks.

You need :
Easy way

  • 3 variable list
  • Initialize them with values
  • when click button set label with random item

Pro way
You want to modify/manage list of names on line ?

Thanks for the reply.

I am completely new to this platform I still didn’t got the idea on how to create that app.

I am planning to build an Fitness Mobile app where our clients can choose the workout in their mobile.

the idea is simple,

for suppose if the person is hitting the chest muscle, there are 3 types of muscles in chest part which are, upper, mid & lower

we finalized some workouts and when the user clicks on generate button 2 random upper chest workouts has to be selected from the upper chest workouts list, 2 random mid chest workouts has to be selected from the mid chest workouts list and vice versa

so is there any way I can do that here on Thunkable Platform,

if yes please guide me in a detailed way.

Thanks in Advance.

Create your UI, chose your dB probably Google sheet could be a good one (so you can manage it on line too).
When app starts get all column from dB and save them into some lists . After click button get the data you want using the list block . Study a little this component, try some code and if you have problems post block here

Welcome to Thunkable! Keep in mind that you have described a complex app and there isn’t an easy way to tell you “how to make it.” It would take someone here a lot of time to help you in that way. If you want that level of help, consider paying someone to consult with or help you code in Thunkable.

Otherwise, it’s best to watch some tutorial videos, look at some sample projects, and take it step by step. If you get stuck, come back here and ask a specific question about a specific step. Make sure to include details, screenshots, etc. It can be helpful to review this: How to ask Great Questions v2.0

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This shouldn’t be too hard. I’m not an incredible Thunker myself but I like helping people. Below I will link a very basic outline of what you are describing.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to DM me :smiley:

The beat way to start any app is to write either psuedocode or draw a flow chart.

This will help you get your logic and variables sorted before you start to “code” which the process a lot easier.

I use an app called Miro for my flow charts.