Create Variable

Hello , anybody can help me , i need to create initialize global variable. How to create new variable ? Help me for my last year project.

Just press the variable category and “create variable” name it and then select the “ set variable to” block

how ? i dont understand :sob:

Three variable have app,store,cloud…
I am seeing some projects have without “app,store or cloud name” how can create without theese names variable… For example app btnSearch variable.
But i want to create without pre name like btnSearch variable.
I think this is really basic but i didnt find.

You need to create a procedure, press the setting button at the top of it, add a variablename and plug it into the procedure. Then when you’ll go to your variable list you will have the variable without a prefix. That saif I strongly recommend using app variable

Is that true way?
I didnt see any create variable without a prefix?
So how can i do?

Yes this is it. The variables created withing that purple block are the old variables, so you can do what you were asking :slight_smile: