I can't find a way to "Create variable"

Hi. I’m trying to create an app for the first time using AI generated instructions. I’ve done the set up part in that I’ve managed to create a table in Airtable and have successfully linked it as a data source. However, one of the instructions I have is Go to the “Blocks” tab and add the following blocks to the “when Screen Opens” block: * Create two variables “OptionA” and “OptionB”."

I can not find anywhere in Thunkable that allows me to create a new variable. OptionA and OptionB are both the names of buttons I have on Screen 1 and also the title of two columns in by table.

When I tell the AI there is no “create new variable” option it tells me to just go to the variables drawer and select the “+” button. However, this does not exist. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

Welcome to Thunkable!

I wouldn’t recommend using AI-generated instructions for Thunkable, especially if it’s ChatGPT (updated through 2021). Bing might be better. But really, until the chat bots can generate images consistently, it’s not worth the trouble for visual coding like this.

If you Google variable Thunkable, you’ll find the documentation right away and can watch the embedded video that shows how to create new variables.

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