Create Account not working properly

I have watched both of the Sign up Masterclasses by “No code apps with Darren” and have followed along exactly but in my app I am having trouble creating the account. When I click create account the account is made and I can view it in firebase but an error message appears that says “missing sender” and it doesn’t navigate to the next screen. However if I then press the sign in button it signs into the app so the account has actually been made. Do you know how to fix this problem?
Thank You

Can you give a bit more detail - what kind of account are you trying to make? Firebase?

Yes, my thunkable app is connected to firebase. I have a sign in and a create account button. When I test my app I enter an email and a password and when I check Firebase the account I created is there but when I click the create account button in my app the error message appears. I’m sorry if I’m not making a lot of sense, kinda hard to explain. Basically, the account is made and appears in Firebase but an error message appears saying “missing sender”.
It’s my first time using Firebase so maybe I have made a mistake in that.
I appreciate you helping!