Crashing During Development

Does anyone know why at a certain point in the development I will run into a situation where the app will crash? In some cases even if I delete all of the code associated with the screen that’s crashing, it’ll still crash once I return to that screen with new code or even if it’s without any code. I would have to totally build the screen from scratch.

Is your BROWSER crashing or the Thunkable Live app?

If browser, I suggest doing a Ctrl-R to force a reload. If that doesn’t work, please reply back with what browser you are using.

If Thunkable Live app, I recommend deleting the app and reinstalling it. You should do this on some regular interval anyway, because some data files don’t get updated when you change them in the browser.

Are you:

  1. Using a navigator? If so, what kind?
  2. Using a web viewer? If so, is it hidden when the screen loads?
  3. Able to share the project link and explain which screen is crashing and at what point?

Sorry for the delayed response. It’s the Thunkable Live app and if I download the app to test it’ll do it there too. This has happened a number of times to where I’ve had to start the build totally from scratch. Just now I’ve gotten pretty deep into the build and it happens again on another part of the app build. This is getting beyond frustrating to where I’m about ready to just leave Thunkable and try someone else!

I will share when I get a chance. This is extremely frustrating!

Yep, sounds frustrating. But without more details, we can’t help you pinpoint the cause.