Crash report in Play Console - too many crashes!

It seems I am getting to many crashes on my Play Console account. This started to happen a few days ago following an update I have published.

It seems that the crashes appear when trying to access the App for the 2nd time in a few hours meanwhile the App is still open in the background.

Here an example for clarity:

  1. Open App
  2. Leave the App open in the background and wait for a while
  3. Open again the App
    3.1) At this point the App doesn’t open at the first click (it seems like it tries to open but crashes because it’s already open in the background) - but it opens at the second click.

Anyone having the same issue?

Update: in Thunkable App when I live test my application I also encounter a similar issue every time it reloads (I need to click the button refresh and then it works). I debugged this and it’s due to the DV refresh block. Anyone have any suggestions?