Copying shared project via link-- link expired. Can you please fix it?

My 15 students shared their apps with me by generating links. Unfortunately, I did not notice that those links were expiring, and now I cannot access the apps (“Error copying shared project via link”). I have seen that others got help to solve the problem by posting here, so I hope somebody can help me as well.

Here are two of the 15 links (new users can only put 2 links in a post. I hope I will be able to share the other links later):

If you don’t want the link to expire, you can make the project public and copy the link of the project directly, without using the sharing link!

Thanks for your kind answer, I’ll keep in mind for future activities.
Any chance now to access these projects with expired link?


see you can make link private but first the user you shared the public link must click it and after 5 mins you can make it private back

I find it much easier to search for my students’ usernames in the public gallery and access the projects that way. But the projects have to be public (not private).