Copy screens is Sweet. What about 'copy code snippets'

The ability to copy screens is a game-changer. It makes sharing functionality across apps with similar needs pretty easy. But it also comes with baggage. For example, I wanted to move a linear regression formula. So i put it on its own screen and then save the screen, add the screen to a new project. copy and paste the blocks from one screen to the next, then delete the copied screen.

What about just the code snippets? Is this something that could become a reality for THunkable in 2020? This was the backpack in classic, right? IDK if this is hard to implement and I’m pretty sure it’s been talked about before, but I wanted to reignite this idea.


Of course @jared :slight_smile:

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At the moment this is the most efficient way of doing this. We are working on making this easier in the future, but we don’t have a firm release date for this at the moment. If I hear more I’ll let you know!

It’s been a while, but to the best of my recollection the backpack was only for blocks and I think it it was confined to a single project.

Nope, turns out they could be used across multiple projects.

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2.5 years later. Are we any closer @domhnallohanlon ??