Convert Classic to X - little support

Can anyone explain the function of Stage in a Canvas? It didn’t exist in Classic and I never missed it either, in building a complex graphics application.
It is documented as: “Canvas components contain stages, which allow you to set the background color of the game” - that’s it! I am not building a game, and the following very simple design, which does not even contain blocks, represents my problem with “Stage”: why does the Stage (green square) not center on the Canvas?
Screen shot is on iPhone 6S IOS 13

@Luc - any chance this is because you have the canvas and stage set to different dimensions?

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Thanks for the prompt response!
I set them to both absolute 200 x 200 and still the same problem. I have tried almost every combination possible, and when the Canvas width is gradually increased from 200 up (height stays at 200), the Stage gradually comes closer to the Canvas center, and when the Canvas reaches width 250, then the stage is center with the Canvas. The white space at the left of the Stage is the Frame. But mind you, this is not a workaround, I need the Canvas to be square.

The minimal size of a canvas seems to be 250 pix or the equivalent of 67% relative. If made smaller, the stage is way off the center of the canvas. My project needs a smaller canvas width, which, as far as my experience, seems to be impossible. The above minimum values are not documented, neither has anyone brought this to my attention. Am I missing something, or do existing projects just use full screen canvas, such as in most games?
This limit does not apply to Classic projects.
Would appreciate if anyone could let me know if there is a way to accomplish this.