Canvas height and width

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with stage
the stage height and width is too small
The height of stage- 500
The width of stage- 500
a screenshot of the stage

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What is the size of your Canvas?

Height-200 (relative)
Width- fill container

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so it is reflected correctly in your screenshot

The stage is something that should be contained inside a canvas and this is what you are seeing.

but how can I make it larger?

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Change your canvas setting.

what changes?
actually I am a beginner; new to canvas

should I give the project link?

@muneer please reply

You can always try reading the documentation instead of spamming.

Perfect. This is the time to try everything.

Set the canvas to the maximum and start playing with stage size. You need to try it to get the hang of it,

The canvas size is exactly the same as the canvas in HTML so you can have lots of reading about it in the net.

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