Contact picker in Thunkable X?

Hi, is it possible to pick contact number from contact list like it was in the classic version?

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Hi @al3xxxgm4j41, not at the moment unfortunately but it’s something we’re planning on adding in the future.

For the time being the share component might work for you?

What sort of app are you building, and how would you intend on using the contact picker?


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What is the update on this? I need a contact picker for my games app. I am attempting to make it multiplayer and it would be much easier for the user to be able to select their freind’s phone numbers (or possibly email in the future) rather than manually having to enter them.

What if you were able to use just a unique screen name? Friends could text each other the U/N. Might be easier than an email or phone number.

That was an option as well, to have usernames. I was thinking that by using the contact picker you could quickly add a friends phone number which could then look up their username for a quick add as well as take advantage of sending a “game invite” via text messaging. While I know there are work around’s it would be nice to have this feature since it was available in classic.

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Is there any update on when/if access to a contact picker will be available. Is it still on a roadmap?


how can I select contacts from my phone

It does not look like this is possible. There are quite a few post in the forum but one have a real answer. It works in MIT app inventor and looks like there was plugins to do this is legacy thunkable but not in X.

@domhnallohanlon mentioned above it was in a roadmap, is that still the case? This would be a key feature for me so hoping its still on the horizon :slight_smile:

Hi is there any update on this feature as I need it for the project I am doing, or is it still a work in progress