Connecting Thunkable and Zapier

I thought it would be interesting to connect a Thunkable app (with several buttons) to a Zapier webhook so that a button push on your phone could trigger other actions … it was pretty easy to do!

I’ll post some more info on the Zapier side in a minute, but basically Zapier assigns you a webhook URL which you put into the app (or override in the “Settings” screen). When a button is pushed, you make a POST to that URL with the info (in this case “button=thunk1” or “thunk2”, etc.).

(the “STUFF/FROM/ZAPIER/” obviously needs to be overwritten)

ZapierButtons_demo.aia (4.1 KB)


On the Zapier side, you need a developer account (free version works but has limits). Create a new app; I don’t use authentication (may not be do-able for webhooks anyway?). I added one trigger: name=“Button Press”, noun=“Button”, key=“button”, and check/enable the “Important” checkbox, uncheck/disable the “Hide” checkbox. No Trigger Fields. Data source = Static Webhook. Sample result = { “button”: “thunk0” } … and Save.

That’s creates the “App” inside Zapier. Next you can create a “Zap” that connects the Button Press app to some other app (e.g. create a Tweet when a button is pressed).

Forgot to mention … when you create a “Zap” (connecting it to Twitter for example), you should see the URL that you need to put into the Thunkable app. If you edit the Zap, you’ll see a link on the left-side menu to “View Webhook” and can find it there.