Connecting Google Sheets to the Data Viewer

Seems as if you had success to add a google sheet. How did you do that.
Still today it does not work here.
Tried it with Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac, Ios and Windows. No success.
Always the dialog to Sign in to google. But this dialog does not work. See my post.
I im signed in to thunkable via normal google account.
Tried it with an email account with thunkable. Then the sign in to google for adding google sheet works. But the data source has no content.

Please, I need a solution for adding google sheets as data source (who has i step by step help?)

With airtable I am successful.
Deleting data sources inside my app an outside on the project page works for me.

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How about in an incognito tab? Does that not work too? We might need to take a look on our side to see what’s going on.

I’m a bit confused by this - so sometimes you get the error (as in your old post) and sometimes you can log in?

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What is a incognito tab?

Signing in goes, when I use a new account that is only signed by email. But after logging in I can choose a google sheet. But that is empty…

Found incognito tab in Chrome. Same problem.
Could the reason be, that the pop up window for signing in to google sheets is a German one ( it says „Anmelden“)?
Pressing that „Anmelden“ button opens a pop up window that cannot be used, because it closes nearly the same time. I can press the button a second time. Same vanishing pop up. Then the error alert comes.

Yep…also can’t connect to an existing Google Sheet. I get walked thru the Google signin twice and wind up with another create source screen with name blank. If I exit that and look at my datasource list, I now see the Sheet show up on the list … but selecting that sheet as the datasource for the dataviewer dumps me to a blank screen, still in the Thunkable X designer.

Realllly hoping this link to Google sheets can be worked out and a straighforward tutorial and path can result.

Would aslo be nice to see a horizontal scrolling grid option.


Just noticed from the Data Viewer Grid info that I should be seeing a notice to allow Thunkable to view and manage Google Drives and folders and, after approving, should see a grid of my available sheets.

That’s not happening and is probably where the code breakdown is.

So, Thunkable creates a datasource with the name I give … but it isn’t ever asking for permission to access google drive files and folders, the created datasource is actually null, and selecting that source by name in Thunkable throws an error and paints a blank screen in the designer.

Looks like some progress on the backend today.

Now, when creating a new Google Sheets data source and using the Select a Sheet option, I get a popup with instructions to sign-in to Google.

However, when I use the sign-in button on that popup, another popup opens and then immediately closes.

It looks like a google sign-in modal from the quick glance I get … but there is no chance to actually sign-in.

I’ve tried this both when already signed in to google sheets and when not … with the same results.

That‘s the same for me

I have no problem adding Google Sheet this way

  1. log in to your Google account and select “Log out of all accounts”
  2. log in to you Google Drive account (the account must be the same as for Thunkable X)
  3. in the root of the disk, create a Google Table file named forThunkable and fill row “Test1”,“Test2”,“Test3”
  4. in the Data Viewer List component (or DataSource component - I didn’t look at this option), click the button to add a new source.
  5. in the dialog that appears, select the forThunkable table and tap button “Create”

That is what I did several times in several different combinations.
„4. in the dialog that appears…“
Here comes a dialog to sign in to my google account. Doing that a popup window appears and nearly the same time disappears. So I cannot sign in. Doing that twice ends with the error message (see former post).

You are right, I have also seen this situation. How to avoid it? I don’t know for sure, but in the process of experimenting, I did the following:

  1. Open access to your table using the link
  2. Add the WebViewer project and specify this link in the URL - if successful, you should see your table in WebViewer. If this does not happen, then the situation is very sad. If everything is in order, then we need to move on.

Do you have a table displayed in WebViewer?

I don’t know if I can help you with anything else, but you can try adding my profile to access your table so that I can try setting it up for you.

If someone creates a temporary Google Drive account (or add me to work with a google table) and gives me access to it, then I’m ready to try setting it up for working with tables

I tried it with webviewer. Opening the link of the google sheet works perfectly.

The problem is really adding a google sheet inside my project.
That sign in dialog does not work.
By the way. My question is: Why opens a sign in dialog when adding a google sheet. My project works with the same google account.

I can’t answer your question. Before my tables started working, I had to create about 20 sources with the same names, because they didn’t want to be created in any way. I changed the access rules for Google tables, changed their names, then thought that maybe the problem was that I was adding numbers instead of rows. Then I made an empty Thunkable X app and suddenly everything started working.

As you know, in Thunkable X, something suddenly stops working or starts working. I spent an hour trying to figure out why the stored block doesn’t save data. And, suddenly, it started working.

REALLLY hoping the tech support/developer folks will solve this problem with linking a Google sheet to the data viewers.

My projects are on hold until they do.

I get the same behavior.

Select ADD new datasource, pick Sheets, try to selct a sheet per the popup, get a Google sign in modal, try to sign in, get a fleeting google pick modal that instantly disappears, leaving the Google signin modal, try to sign in again, get a modal message saying the feature isn’t available.

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It didn’t catch the second popup or the return to the Thunkable Google sign in screen showing the error massage “feature currently unavailable” … but you get the idea.

The video shows exactly what I get…

By Google Table do you mean create a new Google Sheet?
I’ll give this process a try. I wasn’t logging out of all Google accounts and then logging abck into Google Dirve with my matching Thunkable X account.

Results to be posted…