Congratulations to Thunkable X on a great development tool - CaravanMate

Hi all

2 years ago I wanted to learn how to put together an App. For my own satisfaction. I started on MIT, transitioned to Thunkable classic where I put together an App just for myself on my Android. After showing this App to a few people, I was asked if it would work on IOS. I then transitioned to Thunkable X and rewrote the App. 2 years down the track the App is now on Android and IOS stores. A recent press release has seen many people downloading the App. The focus of CaravanMate is now to ensure all those towing Caravans are towing within their legal limits and minimise the risk of an accident. It evolved to a few other screens to assist in remembering what to pack and what to do after hooking up and before leaving, remembering your favorite Caravan Parks.
The purpose of this Topic is to thank Thunkable for putting together a great development tool and for the support I have received through this learning curve.

Keep up the great work



Thanks a million Barrie, and we’re wishing you continued success with your app.

It’s been incredible to see your journey here in the community and it’s great to see your Android and iOS apps are getting so much recognition from the caravanning community!


You all deserve a pat on the back… From Towball downunder in OZ.