Congrats! Your project is live — remove?

@Domhnall There are several recent threads that mention a concern about the new “Congrats! Your project is live. Check out our tutorials if you need help.” bar that was added to the bottom of Thunkable Live.

The significant change in screen size because of those additional elements makes Thunkable Live much less useful for testing of apps.

Are there plans to remove it?

My preference would be to tell your users congratulations and about tutorials in the email message that gets generated each time an app is downloaded. The less the actual app screen gets crowded with additional text and buttons, the better.


I agree!

It only seems to appear on my iOS (iPhone 6 - 12.3.1) device and not my Android (Note10+ - Android 10)

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Agree! :+1:

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I agree too! Please remove it.

Can the thunkable team pleeeeease remove this? Between the top bar that was added last year and this new bar at the bottom, the Thunkable Live preview is completely useless now. I have to build and wait 30 minutes just to see what my app looks like, when I used to be able to get an almost exact preview of the app from directly within the Thunkable Live app.

Or maybe just add some settings to the app for those of us who don’t want all this unnecessary stuff on the screen when previewing our apps. Pleeeeeease!!!

Info fom Mark

Apple has been a bit inconsistent on how they've been treating various live preview apps, including ours. Technically, they require that the "live" portion take up no more than 80% of the screen, so we have been doing that to stay compliant.


Thanks for the info @actech

Sucks that Apple has this policy but now it makes sense why Thunkable has added this extra portion.

Thank you @actech!