Confused about posting to web api (text only)

I am still confused, even when looking at thunkable docs on how to post to web api. I am reading the documentation from here.

From what it looks to me :stuck_out_tongue: it is a html cleaner but you can upload via web api? If this is true, how do I got about doing it? The post block in thunkable doesn’t make sense to me.

All help is much appreciated.


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I agree. The docs dont really explain much on HOW to use them, just what they are. Some things are self explanatory and others well, they need to go into more detail or make some videos to show us how they expect them to be used.

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Unfortunately, this service does not help clear the code for your case. But I would do this: first I cleaned the code with this or another service, and then I polished it with my code to remove the remaining dirt.

An example of working with this service

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Hmm, I tried your project but it does not appear to work for me. Does this dirty markup not work because it cannot work with images is it?



Also are there any other services that you recommend? Thanks

Hi there,

If someone needs to clear html, then a basic example can be found here.

List of replacements update in Excel.


After that, copy all the lines from two columns into replaceData.

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