Comparing info local db to find matches

I am new at coding so I will try to describe what I am attempting the best I can. I want to make a “matching game” app. What I have is 4 buttons that display a random picture from list pulled from 1 colum of a local db. Then a radum word would be displayed in a lable pulled from a 2nd colum of the same local db. If the button pressed is the picture that is in the same row as the text then a match is found. How do set up that kind of comparison?

Hey @gaerrick :wave: welcome to the community - this sounds like a great idea for a game actually.

@bokalvslund has made something similar in the past:

But it’s not the same as what you want.

I think this would be a good example for a tutorial, mind if I help you out with this?

I would love the help. I was having great success with everything up untill this point. What would you need from me?