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My name is Ty. I am 10th grade design student. In my design class we are designing apps of our choice. As I am really into police I have designed an app for stress awareness. In my app I was planning on having a texting part where an officer can communicated with their coworkers. I have attempted to make my own app and redesigning the Aloha. The only requirement is that the app can not be anonymous.


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I did not see a real question. Are you saying there is an issue with Aloha (I am not familiar with it) that causes anonymity?

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Sorry for responding so late.
I am in a similar situation as you, I have never really used Aloha. However, I think the main purpose of Aloha is for the communication to my anonymous. As in my app, I can’t have it be anonymous. I guess my question is if anybody know how to get rid of the anonymity or any real way to make communication happen between the two clients using the app.
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Hi @Ty_Rodine

You can try starting out with something like this:

And then when you get comfortable with the code try adding in something like this: