Come4gether project & freelancer

Look here:

Where is the code (Projekte.aia )?

Have a lot of fun and many projects!



Hey @Flip_Flop! Great work. Could you kindly provide more context about what this app is and how it works so others can easily understand?



Ok, freelancer are looking for new projects (in this app signed with “€”). And headhunter are looking for freelancer placed into new project. My map shows both . So there is a win - win situation and a freelancer are also able to check the distance to the next project and requests. The recruiting process is faster as searching in a databases via search string of many headhunters.

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Here the same App as WebApp:

I hope many companies will use this method in future to show open projects! It is easy to use via

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Hi. Nice project. Could you, please, share the AIA again? The link is not working anymore.

here please:

For future reference, you don’t need to use Dropbox or any file transfer service. You can upload your files directly in the forum.

This link is wrong, send another one please

no my dear I try it it works fine!

Yes, it is working. Thank you!

Nope, it’s not working:

the link not working

Ok try again luk2009

aia-flie for download