Colorful Status Designer


I made this app in MIT App Inventor 2 and when finished, ported it to Thunkable to test the Admob component and give it the “material” look.
It’s a little editor, just like the new Facebook status maker with the colored backgrounds, which allows you to save the message as an image on your SD card or share it with any other app installed on your device.

If you try it, please let me know if there’s any thing to fix. Thanks.

And special thanks goes to Taifun for his extensions, which made this app possible.


Its amazing keep thunking


thank you!
keep up the good work…


Update: To the previous gradient backgrounds, now I added the 8 new backgrounds Facebook has.


Nice …i think you should put something in the blank area with random images while keyboard is not in used.

:star::star::star::star::star: Stars


Thank you for trying it. I’ll see what I can put there. May be some gradients, as a background wlll be fine, right? Thanks for the suggestion too.


Yes as long as its not blank. Or put your social media link :slight_smile:


you can use @ColinTree slide show extension to fill the gap with some colorful images


Version 2 is available. Full of options for text and backgrounds. Give it a try.


I’d give 10 :heart: if I could


Well done bro :grinning::grinning:. Am glad to see you inspired to improve keep it up. This truely indicates that if we truly want, we can create anything we like with the platform. Once again great job



Send me u$s 5000 and it’s all yours pal!




Fair Price I Guess. Ideas are not easy to come by not to talk about the time invested into building and customizing them. People usually run away when you give them a price for an app. They 4get it is a long term investment.


May be it’s a little overpriced for an app made with this platform, I guess. But it’s a funnier way to say “it’s not for sale”.
The good thing about Thunkable or any of the App Inventor versions is that anybody with the will to try things, always can come up with same or better results.


YeA you are right but I have also realised no matter how much you acquire or learn, the end results always comes from one’s inner creativity and dynamism.

But most importantly, I have learnt overtime that the funniest thing one can do is to hide things(codes, answers,procedures etc) from a programmer :grin::grin::grin:. We always find out in one way or the other.


I wouldn’t call it “hiding”. I’m a true believer in teaching a man to fish instead giving him the fish. The original purpose of App Inventor was to teach non programmers how coding works. And to this day I still think it’s a learning tool more than any other thing. Lately all I see is extensions for lots of things that are possible with simple blocks, even to sum 2 numbers. Really? Are we that lazy?
I don’t mind replying to answers, but until now nobody asked anything on how this or that was made. All I see is “give me the aia”.

Well, actually there was one who asked how I put text in front of a picture, and after I told him, he came with a “colorful status designer” on his own. Remember? That’s the kind of thing I would like to see more here.

So, no hiding here. Believe it or not, it’s a very strong desire of making a better community of thinkers instead of copiers.


Hello bro… i love your app… Bro can you please share aia. File please


I costs just $5000.