Textmage - Status Designer & Quote Maker

I realised there are a lot of people who wants to inspire the world through quotes and words and they always have to copy people’s quotes so I decided to make one that they can use to create love messages, birthday wishes , occasional wishes etc with their own words but on images and share with the world of friends on all social media etc. Words on images bring more life and inspiration.
Here is the link to my new App (Textmage) on Playstore.

Please leave your comment and ratings if you love it. 4 or 5 stars could be of more use.

Special Thanks to All extension developers. Customization was easier using all your hard work extensions


Looks great, keep up the great work @Brainwork!

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It’s really amazing! @Brainwork If your using canvas can you please share me how you have changed the font typeface of the canvas text.


Thank you @Domhnall

@Eenjeen thank you! about your question, I am using a textbox and not a Canvas. With textbox, it is easier to manage font types


Oh, really? I would have never imagined that!

I have never explored the font properties of the canvas but I have with the textbox and it works quite well bro.

Brainwork how are you creating the image . Have you not used canvas for your project.Actually , I was creating an app like adobe spark everything is going good but only the canvas font typeface has become the problem .There is no option to change the canvas text font .

I want custom font for canvas too. We know that changing the system font will change the canvas font. Can we use ActivityStarter to change system font???

I was being a little sarcastic actually. You got the idea of using a textbox and an arrangement with a background image instead of a canvas from me, remember?

YeA thanks for your suggestion of arrangements instead of a canvas. And thanks for not hesitating to answer when I asked. The Canvas Sucks!!

I haven’t explored fonts for Canvases but like I said . I have explored Fonts for textbox and it works exactly how I wanted. It is very easeir to change textbox fonts in the blocks but for canvas, am not sure. Maybe @Italo can give you a suggestion for fonts for Canvas

Nope, I can’t. Not possible, unless the developers adds the custom font property to the canvas.

I find the background in your app too big for a short message. How about an option to resize it?

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Not a bad idea. Will see what I can do about that in the next version though I thought users would love to increase the font size in the settings for Short messages.
For now I want to make a gallery within the app with the database so images saved on the phone’s SD are also saved in the gallery inside the app which can be scrolled and viewed anytime or deleted or share within the app even if they delete the one saved on their SD card. (Something like a Picture Album)

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Soooo… “BEST” STATUS DESIGNER, uh? :thinking: Looks like the competition is on!
BIG Update incoming. :star_struck:


Hahahaha @Italo my friend :grinning::grinning: I can see you are monitoring this particular app of mine. Lol the Actual name is Textmage. The title is there for SEO purposes so worry not​:grinning::grinning::grinning::cupid:. What matters most is at the end of the day, we all seek to build apps that adds more values to the exhibition of Thunkable. Apps that will give newbies hope of the usefulness of Thunkable

I believe the @admins of Thunkable can take more initiatives to showcase some of our Apps on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

I look forward to see your update :cupid::cupid::cupid::heartbeat::heart:

No man, no worries. Actually in a Facebook group where I’m an admin, I posted challenges a couple of times and I like when there’s some kind of competition, it makes you think ways to improve and you end up learning stuff you thought it was impossible to make with this platform.
I like challenges, so if you are up to it, let’s improve our apps. Let me tell you, a lot of people uses these status designer apps. More than I thought in the beginning.

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