Coding Avatars - No Card on PC only, Avatar not Updating for Gender and Skill

I made an app to make your own avatar for coding, but the image at the last isn’t updating:

PC Screenshots

No card appearing

Mobile Screenshots

Images and avatars created are in a Google Sheet:


Avatars Created

Code for the last screen:


I’ve made the button to display messages to find out the status of the app. I’ve found out the for loop either doesn’t end or is very long. (and I also made it to show the card)


I don’t understand, It should work by now.

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This will never work. The condition is wrong.


Thanks for the reply!

If you mean the for loop, I changed it to “or” and this happened:

It didn’t show the image…

Evelyn Archer :fireworks:

In the first screenshot of blocks, you’re comparing gender to gender and skill to skill but in the second screenshot of blocks, you’re comparing gender to gender and skill to gender. I assume that’s a mistake and should be skill to skill.

How are you setting the value of app variable gender?

What I would do is to put a set label's text block inside the “do” section of the IF block and set its value to get value from ... Gender as you’ve done for the Picture property. Just to see what value you’re getting from your data source.


If you mean the for loop’s if condition:

I did a little update and still don’t get the expected output.

I still don’t get what screenshot you’re talking about…

Way ahead of you (I guess):

When I said the second screenshot, I meant this one:

Earlier, you had compared the app variable skill to the Skill column of your database. But in this screenshot, you’re now comparing it to the Gender column. I wasn’t sure if that was an intentional change.

Also, what does the current preview look like with all of those label values now set?


Thank you!

I checked it on my phone, and it works perfectly!
Now I checked it on my PC too, and same result!