Cloudinary upload in camera folder?

I have an app that lets the user choose a photo, then that photo is stored to cloudinary. The app uses the new drag and drop interface.

The block to store to cloudinary comes from the “camera” folder, as does the “image from photo library”, though neither uses the camera. The reason it matters is that when I download to app store, the settings require me to explain what the app uses the camera for, even though the app doesn’t use the camera.

Does their need to be a separate “photos” folder for blocks?

When you say the “camera” folder, I assume you mean what I tend to call the drawer… the sidebar in Thunkable where you drag blocks from. The fact that that says “camera” is not something you have to worry about. If you aren’t using the camera hardware then you don’t have to say you are.

Thanks for your reply. I agree that the folder name isn’t important. But when I attempted to publish through Thunkable, Thunkable said I needed to enter something for why I’m using the camera. My guess is if I enter something there, like “I’m not really using the camera”, the apple review might have a problem.

My guess is Thunkable needs to modify their internal code for when they mark camera in use.

Sorry, I misunderstood where in the process you were asking about. Someone else here may have a suggestion or you can contact Thunkable staff and see if they can help answer this.

I think you may be right.


The url generated from image is uploading to the cloudiness, and image from photo gallery is the block that selects images

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@vishruth you misunderstood the post. @David_Wolber is asking what reason to provide when publishing the app to the store not how to use the blocks.

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I believe this post would be of interest to you.

Hey David,

As I commented on Darren’s post addressing the same issue, I have followed up with the team about this.
I’ll post any future updates on that thread, just to keep things in one place.

I’m sorry your post wasn’t seen/followed up on by a staff member sooner. If you reach out to us by Intercom chat or email when you have publishing issues, we will definitely see it and then we can work to resolve your publishing issues ASAP!