Clones aren't saving to cloud variable Firebase DB

For the life of me I can’t figure out why this isn’t working.
Nothing uploads at all with this configuration.
I am able to get it to upload IF I make the INPUT_Details visible first… but then I have 2 of the same input displaying for the user.
No idea what I’ve got wrong here.

When you create a clone, you then have two compliments. The original and the clone. So you have to remove the clone. Otherwise, when you loop through, you’ll have two of everything.

I don’t have 2 of everything only the original has 2.
I’ve discovered you pretty much have to stick the original in a location other than where the clones will be placed.
In other words, the original goes in 1 column or row, (and just make it not visible), and then make sure the clones are in a different column or row.

Now I’m stuck here and can’t get the alert warnings to show up.

I want to force the user to enter data into all inputs but I can’t figure out how.

It’s not clear how much you’ve troubleshooted this so my suggestions may or may not help. I would first replace all of the alert blocks with a single set label’s text block just so I can see if the IF condition is ever false. Once verified, then you can debug the actual alert blocks. I would also add a wait block to the loop and change a different label’s text to show the value that is being checked on the IF condition. That way you can tell if it’s ever an empty string (“”). I would join that text with bookend characters by doing something like join “#” + [the text input’s text] + “#”. That way, instead of trying to figure out when you see a blank string, you just look for ## and know that it occurred.

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