Clone Blocks within Blocks


I have noticed that when you clone a block that contains blocks within the sub-blocks are also copied. This is very useful however I am unable to manipulate the items within the parent block. Cloning the parent is the only I can find where I can copy also the advanced settings of both the main the sub blocks. How can I refer to the sub-blocks in order to change e.g. label text or image URL…



Hi @chuava45kiu, are you using the Any Component blocks or are you copy/pasting blocks?


Yes sorry for not mentioning this. I am using the any components block. After getting my JSON content parsed (pain in the ****) i’m now wondering if I can clone complete block and just change component settings inside. However I cant find a way. I thought I could refer to a label component inside the clone but it seems not to be the case… Perhaps I am wrong though…