CleverBot: Let's Talk

Hey there :wave:


I’ve created for Telegram a bot that allows you to talk with him like a human:

Well, it’s a bit silly, but it uses one of the bests public bots: CleverBot

So, I thought that it could be a great option to create an app for CleverBot using AppInventor, because it sould be very simple: just a WebComponent, an Input and a Label and you have somebody to talk if you are bored!

#How to build an app

To build an app, just need a TextBox to work like an Input, a Button to submit the Input, a Label to set the Output and a WebComponent to make the interaction:

In the blocks, part, it’s quite simple:

Setup your key requesting one here: Cleverbot API – The official Cleverbot API
The app will function like this: when the user submits the input, it will send to my server in, and the script cleverbot/index.php will interacti with CleverBot API sending a quite simple answer that can be holded by GetResponseText


An alternative to CleverBot is SimSimi, which (for me) is much better than CleverBot, but it’s a paid service
Some time ago, it was a free service (as you can see in this commit: GitHub). I’ve worked with it for a Telegram Bot months ago, but when they became a paid service, I stopped to use them

So, if anyone wants to pay for SimSimi, ask me and I will send them an .AIA where they can use SimSimi API :blush:


Thanks for sharing @barreeeiroo!

Great job, I like the idea of having something to talk to when you are bored. :relaxed:

It seems like I’ve made an error while trying to submit the input in the app, because my responseContent is always No Input :disappointed:

I will fix it tomorrow

EDT: Fixed. It was a problem while uploading the input, that it doesn’t recognize the spaces:

It has been fixed adding a replace.text block