ChatBot using Google IA Studio with Gemeni IA

Hi guys.
This time I want to share with you a small artificial intelligence based ChatBot project using Google’s Gemeni AI API.

  • The GUI is 100% customizable.
  • The chat is dynamically generated using the “Any Component - Create” block.
  • Option to clear the chat
  • Video demo on my Youtube channel

Analyze the project, adapt it to your needs and anything else comment on this post.

sorry for my english. :frowning:

link project in decriotion’s video


Hello @luis.perez.developer
Thank you for taking the time to complete and share this with us. It looks amazing.

Hey can you tell me how you placed the blocks in English as this Language Barrier seems to be bothering me?
Translated in Spanish for you: Oye, ¿puedes decirme cómo colocaste los bloques en inglés ya que esta barrera del idioma parece molestarte?