Checkout my new Hindi Cartoon Movies App(PlayStore) Thanks to the community!

Checkout my new Hindi Cartoon Movies App(PlayStore)

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This app is not a good idea. People can watch movies on YouTube. You can come up with better ideas to build successful apps like “Downloading app” from YouTube, people will like it.
You also can looking for what people in India need then you can build an app that many people in India will recommend it.
Solve a problem in India by your app. Think then Thunk to build an amazing app.
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Hey @Hayder, you are not correct…
This app doesn’t have a single link from YouTube.
Also, those movies are not available on YouTube…
People have to manually search for them on the internet to watch or download.
So, I came up why not to make an app for that :hugs:


Hello, this is a great application.
I’m sorry, but can you share an open source?

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