Infinity Cinema - Free Movie App

Session Screens

Sign in / Sign Up screens

Home Screen - (Top Movies and Latest Movies with filter based on Genre and a navigation menu)

The Image banner and the names are loaded by TMDB API

The app also has a search engine for searching movie title

The details of the movie are also loaded in and displayed by TMDB.
You can download the movie and it’s covers, play the movie, like the movie and share the movie!

From the the user account screen you can edit your profile - edit your name , change profile picture and account control.

The Favorites screen will show you liked movies in a detailed way.

The Admin app (dashboard for uploading movies) is used to Upload and Update the movies in firebase You just need the movie title and link of the movie rest all is uploaded automatically.

The platform does not host movie files, only links, using web viewer

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This looks good! Ever since Apple discontinued the Trailers app, I’ve been looking for something where I can watch movie trailers. Is this available on the U.S. App Store? I wasn’t able to find it.

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Unfortunately, I am unable to upload this app to the U.S. App Store or Google Play Store as it offers free movies, which conflicts with the copyright and piracy policies of both Apple and Google. I created this app to get familiar with Thunkable as a platform and to explore the various functionalities it offers. However, if you’re interested, I can provide you with both the main app and the admin app to test it out.

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Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate your offer but I think I’ll look for a published app that has frequent updates. Still, impressive demo.