Checking if a string is a URL


I made an in-app browser to open links in the app I’m currently making. However, I can’t get the Text Input to recognize whether the text is a normal phrase or a URL. I already tried to implement the existing solution on the forum:

([Thunkable Classic] Checkif text is an url

Whenever i type a URL on the textbook then it will just result in an error:

Would anyone mind to tell me what went wrong? :sweat_smile:


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Can you try something like
What is the response from your app?

Hi, sorry for taking long to respond!

In fact, that is what I typed ( in the Text Input just like in the screenshot, and it still gives the -1100 error! It’s so confusing. The blocks are correct, right?

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You need to test by typing

If this works then use

And so on. Make sure you do not add any space in front of the name or at the end of it.

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