Charts with Dynamic Data from Text Input

I want to add a chart to my app that changes its data based on a text input. I’ve created the chart template and want to override the datasets. However, when I use the “join” block for “data 1” with the text input’s text, it gives me an error.
I followed the instructions in the Thunkable Docs for charting up until this point.
In my case I want to take the data from an input table (Table 1) and my Chart 1 to display data1=text_input_category 11
data2=(data 1)x (1+ text input category 13)/100
Can someone please tell me if this is possible and how to do it?

Here is my app: Thunkable

Thank you in advance.

Please add the following instructions to Charting in Thunkable - Thunkable Docs, indicating that you can utilize a text input’s text within a chart by initializing an app variable and subsequently setting the app variable to the text input’s text. Attached are screenshots for reference.

Using Text Input in Charts

You can incorporate the text from a text input component into your chart by following these steps:

  1. Initialize an app variable:

    • Create a new app variable and give it a meaningful name, such as “textInputData.”
  2. Set the app variable to the text input’s text:

    • In the block editor, use the appropriate block to set the app variable you created in step 1 to the text input’s text. This will capture the value entered in the text input field.

Now, you can use the app variable “textInputData” as a data source for your chart. This allows you to dynamically update your chart based on the user’s input from the text input component.

For visual reference, please see the attached screenshots.

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