Changing Advanced Properties with Code

Hi all,

Playing around with Thunkable and wondering if it is possible to change the “Advanced” properties of components with code/blocks?

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I’m afraid,maybe cannot at this moment.

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That is what I thought, but I didn’t know if there was a trick or some advanced means of doing so.

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Not having tried it myself, I do not know; but will cloning an object bring along the advanced properties as well?

If so, you can have several components prepared with the various set of advanced properties you may wish for (hopefully, there are not going to be too many sets of variations). Those would be templates.
And you make those template objects all to be “not visible”.

When you need a real component, then you clone the template component that has the properties you desire, make it visible and customize the properties that are accessible.

Again, I am not sure if this is possible, I am only offering this as something perhaps worth checking.


@CBVG Great idea! I will play around with that.

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@CBVG You are correct. Cloning a component does bring the advanced properties with it. This can certainly be helpful. Great thinking!

I still wonder if there is a way to modify the advanced properties with code. For example, I am interested in programatically changing the Transform property to create an animation.

This is me just experimenting. I don’t need this for a particular solution. Just looking to see if anyone on the Thunkable team has an answer.


I doubt that there is a way to actually change the properties that are not singled out by currently defined attributes. I presume that how the system works is that any object is set-up according to its initially set properties, and those that are susceptible to be dynamically changed have to rely on some behind the scene process that regularly monitors the eventual change of those and implement them. If you lack the “handle” to refer to a presently not defined as changeable property, you are pretty much shooting in the dark.

Thunkable is not really a programming language as such, it is more like a high level controller of behind the scene agents that are the real doers. To be able to change attributes as you desire would require getting down to the program level…


Some transformations can be imitated. For example, resizing components, transparency (color change), position. But the rotation function cannot be made programmatically.

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@actech Thank you. Rotation was the main one I was wondering about.

As an option - you can try to make a discrete animation. Several invisible components with different rotation angles are created on the screen, and then these objects are sequentially cloned by timer. I think it will be fun!

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Interesting idea @actech ! I did think about something like that.

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