'Advanced' tab guides/tutorials needed

There is many options in the advanced tab of every component that are useful but many of them are cryptic to use and a clear explanation would help their use. Tnx

Hey Max,

Thanks for the request - I agree that it can be challenging sometimes to figure out what everything in the Advanced properties tab does.

A full tutorial series is probably outside our scope right now, but if you can tell the the top 4 or 5 that you are wondering about I’m sure we can provide some guidance here.


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The best reference for Thunkable X


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One thing I accidentally discovered myself is how to round only a part of a button, but it only works on iphone and not android.

Another thing I’d like to have is the keyboard cursor to move from a text entry module to another by pressing the ‘next’ (configurable trough the advanced tab) button on the keyboard

Thx but russian is not yet in my languages proficiency :sweat_smile:

You can install an automatic translator in your browser and see the translation from any language without any problems. There is also a great standalone translator QTranslate.

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when I opened the page Chrome gave me the option to automatically translate it.

Thanks for sharing this fantastic resource @actech

yes in fact I was thinking of opening it with chrome since firefox seems to have not this option

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