Change Images/Customize Character?

Hello! I have a slight dilemma. I included a feature in my game where you have a certain variable for an amount of stored currency, you would use that currency in order to purchase customizable features for the mascot of my game. I display the mascot with images throughout all my screens and if I wanted a customizable feature I would need to change the images in every screen with the click of a button in one of my screens. Can someone please tell me if it’s possible to do this, if so, how would I do it? If you could show me, that would be extremely helpful! Thank you so much for your time. :grin:

Hey @317094wv,

Sounds like you could use a stored variable to do this?

So rather than hard coding in “mascot.png” for every image you’d use mascotImage variable instead


So make a function with the variable? What kinds of blocks do you think I should use? I have a basic idea but I haven’t really figured out the advanced stuff yet.