Can I change the picture property of multiple images?

I’m new to thunkable and I’m trying to do change multiple images in a loop (I’m currently addressing them individually).
something like this (but this doesn’t work)
Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 16.31.03
is there a way?

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If the image_json variable is NOT in JSON format then replace the set property to

If the image_json variable IS in JSON format, then replace the set property to

Also, replace the text in the join block with the same name as the image component.

Hope this helps!

Are you trying to loop images for a single Image component as in an animation? Or are you trying to change the Picture value of several Image components all at once?

Your blocks aren’t going to change anything because you’re not using a set Image block. Changing the property of a variable won’t affect the look of anything on the screen.

Once I know your answer, I can make a suggestion. Where are your images stored? Also, what are examples of your image filenames? Lastly, are you using the newer Drag and Drop interface or the older Snap to Place interface?

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thank you shrey-
the second solution (image_json variable IS in JSON format) is the one for me.

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hi Tatiana thanks for the reply -much appreciated
Shrey’s solution worked for me -
(its probably me - but cant help thinking the ‘any component’ tab should be under core instead of advanced)

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reduced my blocks from c450 to 27 :wink:

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