Carb Counter & Calculator for Diabetes

My son is 4 and has diabetes. I am trying to create an app that will:

  1. Look up common foods and their carb factor per gram.
  2. Have an input for the amount of grams.
  3. Calculate the carbs for a given weight of food.
  4. Do the opposite.
  5. Allow you to add more foods as I go.

I already mocked up the app using formulas in Google Sheets (vlookup). The inputs are green and the output is red. Carb Factor - Google Sheets

Any help is appreciated.

Sounds like a great idea for an app. What have you created so far and what are you having trouble with? You’ll most likely need to find an API, possibly a paid one, that provides the data for each type of food. So you’ll need to learn how to parse API data which I cover in a tutorial here: API JSON Tutorial (Video).

Beyond that, setting up the UI, designing the user experience, etc, etc… it helps if you can ask a specific question about a specific step in the process. And be sure to include screenshots of your blocks and if possible a link to the project.

Good luck!