An app for Canadian school kids with diabetes to calculate their insulin doses


Bolus Calculator

BC Children’s Hospital


This app is designed for simple calculations of lunchtime insulin doses in the Canadian school setting (although calculations can also be done in U.S. mg/dL blood glucose units). There are 4 screens available: The “Simple Insulin Bolus” screen calculates a lunchtime insulin dose for kids on multiple daily injections (MDI) based on carb ratio, correction/sensitivity factor (ISF), target BG (6 mmol/L or 100 mg/dL is the default), carbs to be consumed, and current BG. The “Simple Insulin Scale” screen generates a simplified insulin sliding scale for kids who are on a fixed dose of carbs at lunch, based on baseline insulin dose, ISF, and target BG. The “Full Sliding Scale” screen generates a full insulin scale for kids on MDI based on carb ratio, ISF, and target BG. The “Correcting for Arrows” screen allows you to calculate an increase or decrease in insulin dose (or carbs) to account for positive or negative direction arrows for CGMS users. The “More School Resources” screen contains links to websites devoted to the care of children with diabetes in the school setting. For all screens, there is the ability to share a time-stamped copy of the data generated with a student’s parent or caregiver via text, e-mail or other phone app.