Captcha example (spam protection) now with a csv file

Hello thunker,
today i will show you how you can make a simple spam protection with a captcha code.
My example uses two lists with some entrys, but you can make this also with a csv file.
The csv file example is below the first example.


Download aia file
Download apk test file

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I have the example now rewritten with a CSV file.

Take a look here:

Take a look to the new example here on my blog

Download aia file example 2
Download apk test file example 2
Download csv file

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Looks awesome!

Definitely going to try this out on one of my apps.

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A very good alternative to Google’s Recaptcha method
I will use it for moments without Internet
Awesome :+1:

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Brilliant Job! Keep unlocking more ways

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@Mika WOW!
That’s some serious work there mate. You certainly keep pushing the envelope for Thunkable.

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Sweet man… That’s really useful.

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Thank you all for your reply.
It’s nice to see you like it. :slight_smile:

I have made a new example.
You can make the captcha now with a csv file.
Take a look above to the entry or on my blog

best regards,

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