Can't see canvas and sprites in Live Test


I have here a problema… I’m copying the design of a game I have already made in Thunkable Classic. There I have a Canvas, Sprites and a Ball; all of them work fine. The thing is that in X Thunkable, neither the canvas, nor the sprites are shown in the Live Test. What must I do.

Hi there,
Have you ever try to launch the Livetest app again? After click VIEW CODE then click VIEW PROJECT . The canvas will be disappear.
I don’t know whether does it is bug or not.

If above of the situation is not working. Have you updated the latest version of Livetest? Have you try to logout your google account from Thunkable and login again?Have you try to uninstall it and install it again,either you can delete its data which is based in Thunkable.

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Thanks, BlueWhaleYT

It seems to work randomly and fickle. So far I can not tell you if there is a pattern in the behavior, some times it works, some times no. The good thing is that when it works I am see what I’m doing.

Thanks again

Hi, the same for me. With Live app the canvas and sprite programs very often do not work. Blank screen.
But when downloaded as an app, they work fine.
(tested on ipad and iphone)

when i try to view my app in the preview everything loads properly except the canvas sprites. I don’t know what i should do to make them viewable. Anyone got any answers/ ideas?