Can't save the program?

@Thunkable_Staff @domhnallohanlon
Why can’t I save it? Is there a way to save it manually?

If thunkable has a save button like ai2, I don’t need to redo it twice…

It would be nice to have a save button but I can see the value of auto-saving (which is the current and only method of saving) as well. I rarely if ever lose any work with Thunkable. But there are a few times when I’ve changed something and wished I could undo it. The undo delete command is a nice feature but there should be a general undo command that undoes the last change (e.g. dragging a block somewhere new, changing a property value, etc.).

Versioning, of course, would be ideal.


I don’t know if it’s really impossible to save today?

If you’re asking if there is a save button then the answer is no.

I said I can’t save it automatically, not every time. But yesterday it was ok!

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First of all Happy anniversary, You’ve been a year with Thunkable.

The screen you see comes up when you want to switch between design screen and coding screen and you just need to press Cancel and wait for few more seconds on the screen you’re working on before trying to switch again and it should be OK.

If you choose OK then part of your changes will be lost.


@muneer Thanks!
But I waited for a few minutes and it was the same, right?

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my error video.


The problem in your video usually happens when you switch tabs too quickly. What happens if you cancel, wait 30 seconds, and then try again?

The problem in your screenshot is usually caused when you join two blocks that cannot be joined. What caused that for you?


I just use it!

Why can’t I use else if?

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So it’s “else if” bug to let me error.

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I’m sure it is not a bug.

Create a variable and make the variable = get property image

Then in your else if use the variable to test if greater.

You put >50 twice… i bet you needed > 40 second time…or just eliminate that second time >50
Who knows ? Maybe the program is stucking when encounters same condition in a case like block in this case… (naturally will have to choose to act when the 1st condition is met…)

But I won’t be wrong when I use this!

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Its not the same… here you have 90,70,50,30,10 as conditions, in your else if you have 90,70,50,50,30 as conditions. Just put there the same and check it.


50 later changed to 30 but still the same.

Show your latest else if


I used 4 else if