Can't navigate to 2nd and 3rd screen from sign up page, seems I can only have a sign up screen, won't allow me to have more screens

Hi there, I really hope someone can help me, I created a sign-up page but now it seems I can only have that one screen, when I drag and drop new labels or buttons to screen 2 or 3 they don’t seem to work. In the build I do have “navigate to screen 2” but I think it could be part of the sign up screen, I really don’t know as I’m very new to this. I need to load pdf’s in large format but I am struggling with new screens, any help would be so welcome, thank you.

There’s nothing built in to Thunkable that would prevent you from creating a new screen or adding another component to an existing screen.

Have you tried hard-refreshing the browser tab?

Are you using a Navigator?

Can you share a link to your project?

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I hope this link works.

I was able to add a new button and label to screen2 and screen3. So I’m not sure why it’s not working for you. Try a browser tab refresh or try using a different browser.

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Hi thank you for trying, I can’t move the label or the button to where I would like it, they seem to default to the centre. And when I try to check it screen 2 and 3 aren’t available to check, I can only see the screens in the edit mode. I don’t know what the issue could be. I need to load pdf files and I want to move the labels and buttons to specific places on the screen.

Did you try those?

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I have tried the refresh, but I only use chrome, I don’t use any other browser, which do you recommend?

I use Chrome and it works well with Thunkable. Did you do a hard refresh (hold shift and click the reload arrow in the browser’s toolbar)?

But just as a test, you could use Firefox. You may also want to contact Thunkable Staff to see if they can help with this issue. Does this happen with other projects or just this one?

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Yes I have tried, but I think I will speak to thunkable staff, it’s a bit frustrating at the moment. It’s only on this project, my test projects were absolutely fine. Thank you so much for your information about help.

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